Version Control Systems


Monotone vs Visual SourceSafe

  1. This system is pluggable.

    85% 15%
  2. There is a good community around this system.

    83% 17%
  3. There are good hosting services for this system.

    83% 17%
  4. This system is robust against data loss.

    83% 17%
  5. This system has good tools for importing from other VCSs.

    80% 20%
  6. This system is good for working offline.

    75% 25%
  7. This system is good at merging.

    71% 29%
  8. This system is easy to administrate.

    71% 29%
  9. This system is good at branching.

    71% 29%
  10. This system has good integration with other tools.

    66% 34%
  11. This system is good for dispersed teams.

    66% 34%
  12. This system is good for large teams.

    66% 34%
  13. This system is easy to use.

    62% 38%
  14. This system is good for binary files.

    60% 40%
  15. This system is good for small teams.

    57% 43%
  16. I am familiar with this system.

    54% 46%
  17. This system is easy to learn.

    50% 50%
  18. This system has a model which is easy to understand.

    42% 58%
  19. This system has good GUI tools.

    33% 67%
  20. This system is likely to be a passing fad.

    33% 67%
  21. Many project hosting services support this system.

    50% 50%

What's going on here?

The absolute rankings are interesting for large scale comparisons but when you want to know about two specific languages it's much more informative to look at how the two fare when they go directly head to head.

Here are all the statements which we've got enough comparisons between Monotone and Visual SourceSafe to be meaningful and which of the two our users picked.

The order in which we're presenting them is a little arbitrary (sorry), but we've tried to put the things which they're both good at first so as to give you the most interesting picture of it.