Martial Arts


Mixed martial arts vs Judo

  1. This martial art features a lot of punching

    91% 9%
  2. This martial art features a lot of kicking

    90% 10%
  3. It's very easy to injure yourself practicing this

    75% 25%
  4. This martial art teaches you ways to hurt people

    72% 28%
  5. This martial art focuses on hand to hand combat

    57% 43%
  6. This martial art is good exercise

    55% 45%
  7. Long-term practitioners of this martial art often develop strain injuries

    55% 45%
  8. I would be uncomfortable using this martial art in an actual fight

    50% 50%
  9. I know this martial art well

    50% 50%
  10. This martial art is good for defending yourself

    50% 50%
  11. This martial art is fun to practice

    44% 56%
  12. I can use this martial art to defend myself against someone wielding a weapon

    36% 64%
  13. This martial art is very showy

    33% 67%
  14. This martial art is easy to learn

    30% 70%
  15. This martial art looks very impressive when performed well

    27% 73%
  16. This martial art is mostly a sport

    25% 75%
  17. This martial art places a lot of emphasis on philosophy

    19% 81%
  18. This martial art features a lot of holds

    18% 82%
  19. This martial art features a lot of throws

    9% 91%

What's going on here?

The absolute rankings are interesting for large scale comparisons but when you want to know about two specific languages it's much more informative to look at how the two fare when they go directly head to head.

Here are all the statements which we've got enough comparisons between Mixed martial arts and Judo to be meaningful and which of the two our users picked.

The order in which we're presenting them is a little arbitrary (sorry), but we've tried to put the things which they're both good at first so as to give you the most interesting picture of it.