No. 3 vs Plymouth

  1. I often drink this gin

    33% 67%
  2. This gin has a classic flavour

  3. This gin has a strong flavour

    33% 67%
  4. This gin is good neat

    66% 34%
  5. This gin has a complex flavour

  6. This gin makes a good martini

    50% 50%
    No. 3 1 out of 2 each for Plymouth and No. 3 Plymouth
  7. This is a spicy gin

  8. This gin goes well with tonic

  9. This gin makes a good gimlet

  10. This gin has a clean flavour

  11. This gin is a bit weird


What's going on here?

The absolute rankings are interesting for large scale comparisons but when you want to know about two specific languages it's much more informative to look at how the two fare when they go directly head to head.

Here are all the statements which we've got enough comparisons between No. 3 and Plymouth to be meaningful and which of the two our users picked.

The order in which we're presenting them is a little arbitrary (sorry), but we've tried to put the things which they're both good at first so as to give you the most interesting picture of it.